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Zhejiang Jinsaozi Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

The "Jinsaozi" brand originated in 2004. It is a modern high -tech enterprise that integrates cooking utensils and kitchen supplies. The company has formed a modern enterprise management structure and competitive production scale. It is located in Yongkang, known as the "Capital of Chinese Kitchenware", and the company has advanced equipment and the latest technologies at home and abroad.

Jinsaozi is committed to the research and development and production of the overall kitchen utensils. It has dozens of patents. The company has passed the three system certification of quality, environmental protection, and occupational health and safety. With strong brand advantages, technological advantages, R & D advantages, and innovation capabilities, the golden sister -in -law brand will definitely achieve global sales and become a global leader in the world!

Brand story- "Jinsaozi "'s favorite name, accompanied by life!

What is "Jinsaozi", my surname is Jin, the name is the people, and to do it for private affairs. Jinsaozi is related to me and my family. My wife calls Jinsaozi. Women are the foundation at home. Every man wants to have a good wife and mother. In addition to the male lead, he makes money to support his family; A good pot of "Jinsaozi" was the original dream: let the woman return to the family and help the owner to burn a good dish. If you want to be good, you must first benefit your instrument.

Home and everything, a woman can revitalize three generations, she influences her husband and children. We must treat women kindly, women must focus on family.

The "Jinsaozi" brand is derived from a family and will return to tens of millions of families. The "Jinsaozi" brand is a brand with a brand, or even a brand -name natural gene. It is good to remember the image! We are determined to make the "Jinsaozi" a brand, even brand names, China and even the world. "Jinsaozi" to become a real brand, I have my own understanding.


Company Culture

Company Culture

Our mission: continue to create good products and services for customers

Our vision: become a high-end brand of kitchen supplies; achieve employees and achieve partners; become respected enterprises

Our charitable: promise to take 1 grown money for each pot for charity activities

Our service concept: integrity, customer -oriented, continuous innovation, personality service

Our perspective:

1. Customer first: Customer success is the foundation of our survival;

2. Second, embrace changes: courage to innovate, courage to change;

3. Team collaboration: efficient collaboration, creating results;

4. self -cultivation: humble learning, be sincere;

5. Integrity: Integrity to establish careers, adhere to the right way;

6. Passion: firm goal, positive upward;

7. Seven, dedication: professional persistence, excellence;

8. Thanksgiving: Know the gratitude report, gratitude and blessing;

Our quality goals:

The qualification rate of raw material procurement ≥99%

The production process is scrapped ≤0.02%

The production process is directly through 298%

Batch Examination Qualification rate is 299.8%

Production plan reaching rate ≥98%



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