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The "Jinsaozi" brand originated in 2004. It is a modern high -tech enterprise that integrates cooking utensils, kitchen appliances, kitchen supplies research and development, design, manufacturing, and brand marketing. The company has formed a modern enterprise management price and competitive production production In the scale, the production base is located in Yongkang, known as the "Chinese Kitchenware Capital". The company has advanced equipment and the latest technologies at home and abroad.

Jinsaozi has many unique design of kitchen utensils like a piece of art, passing the rich luxury art atmosphere to the owner, the overall shape interprets the true meaning of luxury, and subverts the tradition. Follow the concepts of fashion vitality, freedom, and practicality, and use the clever manufacturing technology to give the perfect process of the product, integrate the design of fashion and light luxury, to advocate the quality of life, recommend fashion and light luxury kitchenware, and let the majority of the vast number Consumers experience a fashionable and luxurious kitchen!



Our Advantage

Brand advantage: It has independent brands, suitable for sales of different positioning channels, and leads fashionable dining and kitchen utensils.

Product advantages: have a professional design team, focus on product development, grasp the latest trend trends, and continue to launch new products with disputes.

Production advantage: The company has advanced large -scale manufacturing bases in the domestic industry, and meets customers' goods needs to the greatest extent.

Market advantage: Mid -high -income professional white -collar workers also advocate simple and stylish kitchen lifestyles and pursue high -quality high -quality products. Jinsaozi kitchenware is a brand tailored for this growing target group. At present, the kitchenware market potential is huge, and the domestic market can develop broadly. Jinsaozi kitchenware will seize the heights of the industry with absolute advantages.

Quality advantage: The product quality of Jinsaozi's kitchenware has been highly recognized by international authoritative institutions.

Team advantage: own professional research and development teams, design teams, promotion teams, and sales teams in the industry, and specialize in serving the brand with concentration and concentration.

Policy advantages: high profit space, complete service supporting facilities, and humanized expense support to ensure the maximum interests of dealers.

Our Support

Investment budget: The company helps dealers to analyze the profit analysis of investment projects and establish a basic financial management system to assist dealers to understand the feasibility of investing in golden sister -in -law kitchenware from the aspects of capital investment, business sales estimates, store operation costs, and profit returns.

Decoration support: According to the company's standards, the specialty stores, special halls, and counters that meet the requirements will be supported by the company.

Image support: All terminals, terminal images, propaganda materials, display layouts, etc. will be followed up and verified by special special responsibilities of the company's professional team.

Training support: The company will assist dealers to recruit terminal sales staff and provide a series of special training such as employment, sales, and after -sales.

Product guidance support: The company helps dealers to analyze the profit analysis of investment projects and establish a basic financial management system to help dealers understand the feasibility of investing in investment in golden sister -in -law kitchenware Essence

Promotional support: The company will formulate a complete promotion and promotional plan according to market changes and major nodes, and assist dealers to carry out related activities.

Return support: Reasonable return and exchange policy, eliminates the worries of your products.

Logistics support: The company's perfect logistics distribution system will provide the terminal with accurate, fast, efficient, and high -quality distribution services at any time.

Company Detail

Cooperation Conditions

With legal person qualification and general taxpayer qualifications.

With the correct brand business philosophy and brand management experience.

With extensive human connection resources, business retail experience and business management experience.

Establishment form: For dealers to set up specialty stores and shopping mall terminals, the company authorizes brands and provides products to dealers, and implements single stores

The form of power is invested by dealers to set up specialty stores and shopping mall terminals, operate independently, negatively negative profit and loss, and accept the company's management and supervision in image and operation.

Fund strength: The operator (dealer) must have considerable capital strength for early store leasing, entering the mall cost, renovation and the first batch of later batch, and cultivating business operations.

我们是由一群充满活力和怀着梦想的年轻人所组成的团队,拥有着丰富的企业经营管理经验,坚持“立品牌之本,唯客户至上 ”的经营方针和“以人为先,唯才是贤”的人才管理理念,秉承“学习力才是未来的竞争力”的价值观念。在这里,每个人都拥有军队般的集体荣誉感,可以深深体会到家庭般的温暖和亲切!

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