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Jinsaozi tells you why you are worth buying without oil fume fried wok

Time:2015-05-21 15:57:45

The housewife, or the family cooking husband, the most unbearable thing about cooking and cooking is not about who washed the dishes after meals, but the pungent and eye -catching oil fume problem. How to eliminate these oil fumes fundamentally, today Jinsaozi will answer you in detail!

     Basic principles of oil -free smoke pot

     The basic principle of oil -free pots is to control the temperature of the cooker below 240 degrees with various technologies (physical or chemicals), which is usually the cracking temperature of edible oil. So there will be no oil fume.

     The oil -free pan is sprayed with ceramic materials on the basis of the aluminum alloy pot on the basis of the aluminum alloy pot. It is also a layer of things on the surface of the pot. Although it is harder than the ordinary non -dipped pot, after all, a surface spray material is still one day. Therefore, it is recommended to use a wooden shovel or bamboo shovel, or nylon shovel. When you buy it, you should pay attention to its use.

     How to maintain it for the first time for the first time of the oil fume stir -fry

     1. Before using it for the first time, tear the stickers, rinse and dry it with water, and apply a thin layer of edible oil (except avocado and lard) as maintenance, and then use it.

     2. Use heat -resistant nylon, plastic or wooden spatula during cooking to avoid sharp shovel or metal appliances damage the surface of non -stick pot.

     3. The heat transfer of non -stick kitchen utensils is uniform. When used, you only need to use medium to low heat to cook delicious food. When using a fire, there must be food or water in the pot.

     4. After use, the temperature must be slightly decreased, and then washed with water. It cannot be washed immediately with cold water. In encountering stubborn stains, you can use hot water and detergent to clean it with sponges. Do not wash it with rough sand or metal balls.

     Golden sister -in -law without oil fume stir -fried wok prospects

        At present, oil fume pollution has become the third largest air pollution after industrial pollution and transportation pollution, and high oil temperature is the main reason. Kitchen oil fume not only infringes human health, but also pollutes the living environment. Research from the Indoor Environmental Monitoring Center of the China Interior Decoration Association shows that kitchen is the most serious space in the family's air pollution.

        According to preliminary estimates, the kitchen fumes produced by families in my country are 3 million tons per day. Freshwater that wasted due to cleaning oil fume dirt every day was as high as 20 million tons. It has been urgent to solve the pollution of kitchen oil fume. "World Earth Day" allows us to "treat the earth -scientific development and build harmony." At the same time, it is also calling on people to pay attention to the kitchen oil fume to the housewives, the harm of the family, and the earth, and stay away from the kitchen oil fume to protect the earth together. To solve the kitchen problem, choose the golden sister -in -law without oil fume and stir -fry!

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