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Jinsaozi appeared in Shanghai China Daily Department Store Commodity Exchange!

Time:2020-07-28 00:00:00

On July 23-25, 2020, the 114th China Daily Department Store Commodity Fair and the 2020 Smart Life Expo was held in the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center. Jinsaozi W1C08-C13 brought exquisite products and professional services, attracting a large number of customers and obtaining it. Unanimous praise. Today is the last day of the exhibition, and the success of expectations and gratitude to the Shanghai Department Store.

Jinsaozi appeared at the Shanghai Daily Department Store

Jinsaozi's group purchase department and relevant departments did a lot of work for this appearance. Engineering designers use years of experience and wisdom to design the decoration exhibition hall, so that they are combined with the strong European -style Kaisheng product beads, forming a good display effect. The personnel of the group purchase department have improved professional skills in terms of gift channels and authorization, hoping to provide customers with satisfactory services.

At this exhibition, Jinsaozi launched a customized product specifically for gift group purchase, and immediately seized the customer's attention. They stroked those products with interest and enjoyed the professional services of Jinsaozi, and they had a deeper understanding of the brand.

Jinsaozi Shanghai Daily Department Store scene

After more than ten years of development, Jinsaozi ranks among the forefront of the industry. Its design technology, efficient management, mature service, and enjoying a high reputation among consumers. Now they are displayed in gift vendors in various parts of the country. According to the manager of the group purchase department of Jinsaozi, many of the customers have shown cooperation intentions. Next, what they want to do is to ensure the quality of subsequent services.

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