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Make cooking simple and warm the family!

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Golden sister -in -law cares about your home

When I was a kid, whether it was cooking or cooking, I believe that many friends' homes can be completed with a stove and a large and heavy iron pot. In winter, I like to hide next to the stove and watch my mother burning fire to cook. The firewood, warmly licking the black paint with the black paint, the box on the side was pulled slightly, and the fire head was immediately old. Occasionally, the peanuts and sweet potatoes are burned under the pot. The old stove has the taste of the mother. It is too fragrant and delicious. Essence Essence



Now that many years have passed, your parents have long been pale, and people are the most emotional animals. We can no longer bear to let our parents go to the mountain to cut firewood to make a roots and cook them. I feel uncomfortable in my parents.


Give them a gift

Help parents make health desires!

There is a home in my heart, I won't be alone wherever I am

Jinsaozi kitchenware, help your family warmer

Make cooking simply

Give parents a healthy kitchen

Here I recommend a set of super rod kitchen utensils for you, come and bring the golden sister -in -law kitchen utensils home ~~~


product information

Product Name: Jinsaozi Tianyuan Local Series Pot

Product specifications: soup pot 25cm, 33cm stir -fried pot, 17cm milk pot, 30 fried pan 30

Only lead, not to follow,

Enjoy the fun of the kitchen

We only make boutiques, the choice of happiness of 300,000 people

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