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The new era is the era of combination of products and services

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Advertising is the king era

In the mid -1990s, consumers only learned about the products from advertisements due to the restrictions of various conditions in society. Therefore, advertising became the main task of promoting products by enterprises. Good.

The channel is the king era

In the late 1990s, after several years of rapid development, the various conditions of society have been improved. The main obstacles to the development of the corporate market are no longer "how to be recognized", but how to cover the products to the whole country and be customers. It is more convenient to see, come into contact, and buy it. At this time, who is widely sold, who is well sold.

The terminal is the king era

At the end of the 20th century, Chinese commercial enterprises ushered in great development. Suning, Gome, Wal -Mart, Carrefour, and several types of distribution chain companies in the local area continued to grow. Consumers' purchase of goods no longer buy one thing to go to a place. The need for the goods to be concentrated, saving the time and money of consumers, and greatly promoting the development of distributed chain companies. At that time, it was an era when the terminal was king.

The product is the king era

At the beginning of the 21st century, it has developed into the era of e -commerce. At this time All the quality of their own products is good enough to keep customers.



Today's era is no longer the era mentioned. Now the products between enterprises are fiercely competitive, and there are various products on the market. Customers' choices have also changed from the earliest simple use needs to deeper consumption -enjoying enjoyment -enjoyment Consumption.


How to serve our God?

  Starting from the product: The product must have the needs of God. The service is based on the product. Imagine that if the product quality is very poor, it is useless even if you serve well at this time. Therefore, product quality is still critical.



  Starting from employees: "Being in its position, you must find his duties." This is the old saying, but the older generation of things must make sense. Employees should do their own duties, start with small things, and be careful. Each employee represents the image of the company and is also the first feeling of customers' service level.


For example, as soon as the customer entered the company, the company found that the employees were lazy, or the uniforms were not full of energy, and they would definitely be greatly reduced to the company's impression, which affected whether the customers choose the company's products for consumption.

There is no one to commit a little bit -quarrel with customers. Once quarreling with customers, the image of employees in the hearts of customers is not the worst, but the company’s image in the customer's mind is completely worse. Customers will only blame the company how to ask the company to ask for After such employees come to work, they indirectly negate everything from the company without going to employees, because customers remember the company rather than employees.

Employees must be clear that the boss spends money to come to work to create benefits for the company, not to create problems and cause the company's loss. Only the combination of products and services can catch customers in the new era, move with services, and use services to create value!


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