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Just buy the non -stick pan as long as you grasp the three points

Time:2015-11-13 13:21:32

Nowadays, with the development of the kitchen utensils, especially like non -stick pots, it has become one of the essential kitchen utensils for families. It has the advantages of convenience and energy saving, and is loved by consumers. Therefore, how to buy a high -quality and affordable non -sticky pot has become a question that consumers are more concerned. Today, Jinsaozi's fashion kitchen reminders that consumers should pay attention to the following three points when buying non -stick pots.

First, you can make targeted choices according to your own needs. That is to determine what the heating of the non -stick pot you purchased is heated. If you are an induction cooker, you should use stainless steel and iron -made pots. If it is an gas cooker, an aluminum alloy or iron pot should be used. Only by choosing a pot in a targeted manner can we better ensure the durability and aesthetics of non -stick pots.

Second, you can choose from the appearance. When selecting, you can carefully observe whether the surface of the non -stick pan is smooth, whether the color is uniform, and whether there are obvious defects such as stolen goods, cracks and bubbles. At the same time, when selecting non -sticking pots with large diameter (above 30cm), pay attention to whether the connection between the pot handle and the pot body is firm.

Third, pay attention to the test of non -sticky performance. To identify non -stick pot qualification or not, you can do a simple non -sticky test: first lightly test the surface of the pot with a soft cloth with vegetable oil, use warm water and wash the policin, then wash it with water, dry it with water, dry it after drying, dry it after drying, dry it after drying. Burn the non -sticky pot to 1500 degrees Celsius to 1700 degrees Celsius, and put fresh eggs into the pot, do not put oil, burn until the custody is flipped, and the eggs can fall freely.

Every bite of non -stick pan is genuine, cheap and Midea are our promise of golden sister -in -law!

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